Personalised Web Design

Personalised Web Design

For the individual and small business


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Today, web-sites are becoming increasingly more important to even the smallest business, community project or individual. By using direct and indirect marketing research we have identified that there is a real need for affordable web design that offers 'value for money' and thereby a solution to the needs of small businesses, community projects or individuals with limited resources.

Created to fill a perceived niche in the market 'Personalised Web Design' is specifically aimed at 'start up' companies, small businesses, community projects or the individual, who wish to advertise or share on the web.

Many individuals and small enterprises have often expressed surprise at the cost of creating web pages - our aim, at a lower than average cost, is to provide practical help and assistance to those considering a move towards advertising or displaying on the web.

In the past our small but imaginative staff has been instrumental in giving just such assistance to those who have approached them and are available to answer your questions and web-site design queries by telephone or e-mail. All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.

What's on offer......

A basic website - no macromedia; no flash; no gimmicks - all of which can often lead to aggravating delays for would-be interested parties.

Instead our offer is based on straight forward imaging and text together with an individually designed banner that will display your products, services or interest to both current or potential customers or simply family and friends for a fraction of the cost.

A web-site that will look good, be easy to navigate, have a 'fast download' and above all - effective.....reflecting your products, services or interests.

Our services are based on providing a custom made website tailored to your specifications and will offer any or all of the following:

Banners and image creation
Custom web page design
Personal web pages*
E-commerce website design
Website Development
Internet advice
Maintenance services
Search engine optimisation and submission service
Brochure style website design

*Websites designed for parties or weddings can be edited on to a CD so that they can be retained as a family keepsake/momento.

All website design commissions will include:

Free domain name registration
Free website hosting
Free submissions

Advice and assistance is free without obligation or commitment whilst payment is based on perceived needs and will reflect complexity and number of pages requested. To learn more contact us by telephone or e-mail us at:- Personalised Web Design